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We are a professional and innovative translation agency. As language professionals, our aim is to unit experience, professionalism and a complete mastery of the target language, so that with our help you can overcome any linguistic barrier.



Our main working languages

English | Spanish |German | French | Dutch | Italian | Portuguese

But we also work with professional translators in Asian languages (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese) and Baltic and Slavic languages (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Croatian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Russian), together with Balkan languages (Albanian, Romanian, Greek, Serbo-Croatian) and Nordic languages (Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish).

Translation services

Main areas of specialization

Technical translation

Do you want to translate a manual, some instructions, or any other type of document with technical content? At Cosmovega you will find a technical translator who is perfectly adapted to your needs. Our team of technical translators is made up of professional linguists who specialise in various technical sectors, and who only translate into their mother tongues. We create specific glossaries for each client, which we constantly expand and use in all translations, in order to guarantee coherence in the use of terminology on all assignments.

Website translation

The web page, your internet shop window - It could be said that a web page is the shop window for any business on the internet, and it is open to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so it deserves special attention. The translation of a web page is not just another translation, because it requires language that is both clear and promotional, in order to attract the vistor's attention. If you are thinking about translating your web page, at Cosmovega you will find the answer to your needs. We will place at your disposal our team of translators, all experts in the translation of web pages, who will gladly take on your project.

Marketing translation

Do you want to translate your prospectus, catalogue, press release, pamphlet, etc. into German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese? At Cosmovega, we can ensure that your marketing material achieves the aims you have established, providing you with our specialist team of marketing and advertising translators. These translators are not only native speakers of the target language, but also live in the target country, and are therefore able to offer marketing translations that are perfectly adapted to the target public, thus transforming your text into a powerful sales tool.

Financial translation

If you have to present a financial report, a balance sheet, annual accounts, or any other type of financial information to clients, suppliers, shareholders, or investors, in a foreign language, at Cosmovega we can lend a hand. We are conscious that a financial translation is a highly sensitive task, which can only be done by an expert with proven experience in the fields of legal and financial translation, a requirement that is met by all our financial translators, in order that you can successfully communicate on an international level.

Legal translation

If you are looking for a legal translator for the translation of agreements, certificates, contracts, deeds, statutes, sentences, etc., then put yourself in the hands of a professional who is capable of translating this type of text faithfully and precisely, so as not to produce discrepancies that may have legal consequences. At Cosmovega we provide you with specialist translators who are native speakers of the target language, and in addition have vast experience and skill in the translation of legal texts.

Medical and pharmaceutical translation

Health is our most precious commodity, and we often only appreciate it when we no longer have it. Thanks to the enormous and continuing advances in the field of medicine, many illnesses can today be cured, but in order that a new therapy, medicine or treatment is shared, it is necessary for the information to be translated. Medical and pharmaceutical translation can only be done by duly qualified experts in medicine and pharmaceuticals. For that reason, at Cosmovega we have the backing of linguists who specialise in medicine, with vast experience in this type of translation.

Why Cosmovega?

Because we dedicate body and soul to translation, and we try to achieve excellence by getting better every day.

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Linguistic diversity presents a challenge for many companies who want to access the international market. Cosmovega was set up in order to respond to this need.

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We stand out for our professionalism, quality, and punctuality. In us you will find the ideal partner to establish and maintain international contacts.

We eliminate any

Linguistic barriers

We will help your company to overcome linguistic barriers, building a bridge between cultures, and provide you with a team of professional translators.

Our experts

The translators

We have a network of native-speaker translators throughout the world. Each of them translates exclusively into their mother tongue, and has vast experience in various specialities, so that we can always adapt to your needs, and cover all linguistic combinations and specialist areas.



We provide translation services on an international level. Multi-lingual communication will no longer be an obstacle, but an advantage for your business.

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We provide translation services on an international level. Multi-lingual communication will no longer be an obstacle, but an advantage for your business.



At our translation agency you will enjoy personal attention. You will enjoy the support and advice of a single project manager at all times, who will deal with your project from start to finish.



Our services are focussed on providing high-quality translations which are adapted to the needs of your company.


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