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Website translation


Website translations

When looking at the translation of a website, the first thing to do is to clarify any terminology in order to avoid confusion; the translation and the localisation of a website are not the same thing. Let's start from the beginning. The localisation of a product refers to the process of adapting the product to the potential target markets in such a way that it appears as if it has been manufactured in each of those countries which, in fact, when applied to information technology, means the translation of the product website into local languages. This is the moment when the localisation of a website takes place.

But this is not simply a matter of translation, which is just one of the necessary steps in the process of localisation of a website, although one of the most important, as in practice the website acts as the shop window for the product in question. The localisation of a website is a delicate task which includes aspects such as coordination, programming, error correction, editing, layout and design.

One of the main difficulties during the translation phase for websites is that the electronic content can be very large and spread over various files, including source code, resource files, html files, script or programming files, and help files. First these files have to be broken down, then translated, and finally put back together so that they work correctly on the screen. This process involves factors not present in the conventional translation process, such as the terminology of components, the structure of files, etc. For that reason a greater degree of specialisation is required, with the translator having the IT tools designed to facilitate these tasks. In addition, we must not forget the importance of cultural aspects in this process, given that these determine the perception the end users take away regarding the product in question.

At Cosmovega, when selecting our partners, we are careful to take all these points into consideration. Our team of professionals is capable of translating any language combination. We have highly qualified native translators with many years' experience in the translation of websites. They only translate into their mother tongues.

If your intention is to increase sales through venturing into the international market, your website will also have to be available in the language of your new customers, because if they cannot understand your offer, they will end up looking for other suppliers. Act now and ask for a no-obligation estimate for the translation of your website.

Advantages of a multilingual website

Let's be honest, when looking for information, whether because we wish to make a purchase, or because we are looking for a new supplier, etc., we feel more comfortable if we can read the information in our mother tongue. Through a multilingual website your products and services will reach customers in other countries for whom the language barrier will no longer be an obstacle.


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