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We live in an increasingly globalised, interconnected world -even more so within the medical and pharmaceutical fields- and thus medical translation is an essential activity for medical development and knowledge.

The medical sector covers a huge variety of areas and disciplines, and to this fact we must add the complexity and special nature of the terminology used in each. As a consequence, medical and pharmaceutical translation is considered one of the most complex by translators, while also demanding the highest level of professional responsibility.

At Cosmovega we are conscious that a mistake in a medical translation could have devastating consequences, as it could lead to a misunderstanding, or even result in a medical error. For that reason we only assign medical and pharmaceutical translations to translators with medical qualifications and specific training. In addition, each one has experience in their specific medical field, and has the appropriate linguistic qualifications. But that is not all. The medical sector is constantly changing, so our medical translators are continuously training in order to maintain their perfect mastery of the necessary terminology.

The medical translators with whom we work not only possess good linguistic skills, but are specialists in various areas of medicine, and can thus provide a translation service for medical and pharmaceutical texts in many sectors and languages.

Our translation agency provides medical and pharmaceutical translations in the most common languages, such as English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

Quality medical translation within the medical and pharmaceutical area

These are some of our areas of specialisation within medical and pharmaceutical translation: internal medicine, industrial medicine, nuclear medicine, preventive medicine and rehabilitation, surgery, dermatology, pharmacology, haematology, oncology, paediatrics, dentistry, radiology, urology, etc.


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