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Marketing Translations

The first thing we have to take into account when dealing with the translation of advertising copy is that it is persuasive and descriptive. It is persuasive because it recommends a number of specific products, and descriptive because it presents them in a way designed to attract our attention. These attributes also emerge through the language used in the translation of marketing and advertising copy; in order to persuade us, the writers employ a series of suggestions expressed as imperatives, and to describe the products in question they use a wide range of adjectives. What makes advertising copy stand out from other text styles which play a similar role is that it presents a specific product within a competitive market, and specifically addresses potential recipients of the product in a way that is adapted to those recipients.

Advertising language is particularly creative and innovative, signifying a growing challenge for marketing translators, who face enormous difficulties in transferring those elements through which the copy attempts to deliver a specific effect into the target culture. Often they have to explain the content of the copy in order to render it comprehensible, providing the necessary information and clarifying any references and connotations which may be problematic for the recipient. Furthermore, the absence of translation in advertising copy is a popular strategy, providing the product with an exotic touch which may be desirable depending on its nature; thus, for example, we often find French used when advertising perfume. This trend has led to the appearance of commercial idiolects associated with specific products or fields, such as the one used in information technology. In any event, adaptation to the culture of a specific target audience for commercial purposes is one of the most significant characteristics when dealing with the translation of texts aimed at the consumer, as is the case in the translation of marketing copy.

Do you want to attract customers from beyond the borders of Spain? Our marketing and advertising translation agency will help you with your international expansion. We will help you achieve your goals within local, national and international markets, covering all your linguistic needs through the excellent quality of our marketing and advertising translation services.

At Cosmovega we are aware that behind every marketing campaign there is a message, idea or strategy to be transmitted, and when we undertake marketing and advertising translations we have to pass this on in order that the same effect is produced in the target language. For that reason our translators are not only native speakers of the language into which they translate, but also live in the target country, and can thus adapt copy to the target audience.


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